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BigGameRegs Product Manual


Congratulations on purchasing this one-of-kind state of the art hunting regulation application! The BigGameRegs application is a location based view of your state's hunting regulation information. It will take the stress out of understanding and complying with complex Big Game regulations and license requirements.  BigGameRegs is the go-to resource for every hunter and a must have for anyone just starting out.  It will give you more time to hunt and spend less time deciphering the myriad of tables, charts, and long descriptions of the rules and regulations governing hunting today.


 BigGameRegs provides a unique view of state regulations and license requirements based on a hunting location.  It will help you discover just what you need to know in order to comply by providing for each hunt the following information:·          

The BigGameRegs application is ideal for every sportsman planning a hunt, studying hunt information, learning state regulations, checking compliance or changing hunt locations at the last minute.  This information is vital for a productive hunt and is available with your smart phone at home, office or in the field.

Sportsman Regs LLC has provided this product manual that describes the basic operation and use of the Big Games Regs application for your mobile device. The information in this product manual is intended to explain the Big Game application and the instruction contained thereon is generally applicable to all state regulation information.


The Demo BigGameRegs application includes a Demo State Regulation database. This data is based on the Big Game regulations for the state of Idaho. The examples and sample hunt data is provided for illustration and instruction purposes only and should not be relied upon for actual hunt information.  To obtain your states season, search on the store for "BigGameRegs".


  1. Researching a Hunt: Key Features in Big Game Regs
    1. Map of the State
    2. Animals available to hunt
    3. Display of geographical hunting boundaries
    4. Droping a pin
    5. Working with multiple boundary overlays
    6. Legal Boundary definitions
    7. Finding hunts available within a geographical boundary
  2. Understanding the User Interface
  3. Customizing your Big Game Regs application

Getting Started

The BigGameRegs app will release a separate version for each season we support.  Search on the Store for "BigGameRegs".  We are working on adding other states.

Researching Hunt: Key Features in Big Game

The best place to start using the Big Game application is the map screen. The map screen consists of the following features:

Map of the State

Big Game uses the Google Maps application that ships with your mobile device.  There are 4 map surfaces to choose from:

  1. Map - traditional street map
  2. Satelite - Uses satelite images to display the actual surroundings
  3. Hybrid - overlays the streets and location information on the satelite imagery.
  4. Terrain - display terrain information including typographical and elevation information

terrain view 

The different colors represent the boundary lines between two Elk Zones.

The Sportsman Regs Big Game information including the boundary areas will display properly even without a network connection. However, the underlying map may not display if your network connection is lost. This is a deliberate design of Google Maps.

Map Configuration

The map configuration page is something for which you will want to become very familiar.  Press the Information Icon to access the Map Configuration screen. Here is where you can:

You can also turn the boundary map overlay and the boundary labels on our off from the map configuration page.

Geographical Hunt Boundaries 

Geographical hunting boundaries define that physical location in the state that a set of regulations and licenses apply. The names and how these boundaries are defined differ from state to state.

Hunt Boundary Accuracy Disclaimer

Sportsman Regs LLC receives boundary marking information from each of the State Fish & Wildlife agencies or commissions. Each state provides boundary marking information at different levels of detail and accuracy. Diligent care was taken during compilation of these boundaries to ensure accuracy. Since Sportsman Regs LLC has to rely on outside sources in providing the information when creating these boundaries, we cannot guarantee that these maps and the related information is 100% accurate and may contain errors and/or omissions. Sportsman Regs LLC provides no warranties to accompany this data. We strongly advise you to refer to the legal boundary definitions available on the hunt details screen to understand the actual boundaries for a given area.

Researching a Hunt: Drop a Pin

The drop a pin feature allows you to identify a spot on the map you wish to hunt and discover all of the different types of hunts available at that location for a given animal.  Before you begin researching hunts of interest, be sure you have the correct state Regulations selected. . You are now ready to research a hunt. Use the following steps to learn more about a hunt.

map view 

  1. Click on the Map icon
  2. Click on the Information Icon  at the top right corner.
  3.  Select the Animal you wish to hunt.  Some animals have more than one geographical boundary governing the hunts in a state. If this is the case you will be able to select the particular geographical hunting boundary overlay you wish to display on the map.
  4. Drop a pin on the map by holding your finger on the map at the location you wish to hunt for about a second. A pin will appear on the map. An information window will also appear which will indicate which geographical hunting boundary or boundaries you have selected.
  5. Select the arrow on the information window to see all of the hunts available in this location. This will bring up the Boundary Hunt Information screen which will list all of the hunts available for the animal you have selected. The default sort for the hunts is by date.
  6. Select a hunt you wish to learn more about and you will be taken to the Hunt Details page which provides more information including season dates, weapons allowed, licenses required, and restrictions that apply.

Working with Multiple Boundary Overlays

Sometimes, multiple rules and regulations can apply to the same physical location and thus, there will be multiple geographical hunting boundaries designated for a given point on the map. For example Figure 1,2, and 3 below show three different boundaries defined by Idaho Fish and Game.

Figure 1 

Figure 1: Shows the basic Game Management Units for the state of Idaho. Each Game Management Unit has different rules and regulations depending upon the animal, weapon used, and time of year. 

Figure 2 

Figure 2: Shows Elk Zones that require a special Tag in order to hunt Elk in these zones for given time of the year and weapon used. These zones are in addition to the Game Management Units in Figure 1.

Figure 3 

Figure 3: shows Elk Units for controlled Elk hunts that require a tag and special permit to hunt in these restricted areas with a given weapon and time of year. These Elk Units are in addition to the Game Management Units and Elk Zones in Figures 1 and 2 respectively.

Figure 4 

Figure 4: Demonstrates the power of the Big Game application. The application is able to take this information which spans dozen of pages in the regulations and put it all together on one summary screen as Figure 4’s three dimension view illustrates. The Pin shows the one physical location and the three overlays represent the three different hunting areas and corresponding regulations governing the hunting activity at this location. Instead of all this information spread across the regulation book, you now have it all compiled in one easily accessible place.

In the Figure 4 example, there are 3 separate geographical hunting boundaries regulating Elk Hunting at this physical location:

  1. Elk Hunt Area “43”
  2. Elk Zone “Smoky Mountains”
  3. Game Management Unit  “43”

The total number of hunts available for this one location is 4 according to the Big Game application. There are 3 hunts available in Elk Unit 43. Each are controlled hunts that require a hunting license and a Controlled Elk Tag. The hunts are for Antlered Elk and the season dates range from Sept 25, to Nov 9th. 

In addition, at this same location, there is 1 hunt available governed by the Smoky Mountains Elk Zone. This hunt is for Spike Elk using any weapon from Nov 1st - Nov 7th.  This hunt requires a hunting license and a Smoky Mountains Elk Zone A tag.

Note: In this example there are no Elk hunts available in Unit 43. If there were, Big Game would have listed these hunts as well.

Understanding the User Interface

The Big Game application has 5 main screens that present the relevant Hunting regulation and license requirement information on your mobile device. These 4 Screens are:

  1. Home
  2. Map
  3. Animals
  4. Settings


Home Page 

The Home screen tells you which state you have selected. It will give you important information on:


map view 

The Map screen is the main view that you will use to gain access to most of the information in the application.  To access the map screen click the map icon. When you first click on the Map you will see a pin positioned on the map surface.  This is selected by the application so as to orient the map within the state you have selected. The next time you click on the map screen it will show you the last position you selected prior to moving away from the map screen. On the top of the Map screen, you will see:  


Animals Screen 

The animals screen provides quick reference to any of the animals listed in the state’s big game regulations.  The list of animals will most likely differ from state to state.  On the Animals screen, you can learn more about:


Settings Screen 

The Settings screen is where you customize your Big Game application. You can set the Season Title data categories and change the Season Colors from this screen. Under Settings you will also find important information such as:  

Hunt Summary

The Hunt Summary screen appears after drop a pin on the map and select the Hunt Information window to see more details. The Hunt Summary screen shows all of the available hunts for the given location you have selected on the map. There are two ways in which to view this information; Table view or Calendar view.

The information is sorted by Season date and separated by color to further distinguish the different type of hunts that are available. This setting is configurable. See the Customize your Big Game application section in the product manual for more details.

Table View (sorted by Boundary Area)

Hunt Summary Screen 

Calendar View

Calendar View 

Calendar view shows you all of the hunt information from the Hunt Summary screen displayed in a calendar view.  The colors are the same colors that seperate the hunts on the Hunt Summary page.  To switch back to the table view, select the Table button at the top of the screen.

Hunt Details

The Hunt details screen provides the following information:

Hunt Details Screen 

Now that you have your state regulations downloaded and are familiar with the User Interface, you are ready to start researching a hunt.

Customize your Big Game Application

The Settings screen is where you can customize the Big Game application. You can select the information that shows on each Hunt Summary screen.

Season  Hunt Titles

You can select the following data points to appear on the Hunt Summary Screen:

Hunt Title and Color Settings 

Color Settings

Hunt Color settings 

In addition to selecting the information that appears on the Hunt Summary screen, you can also select the data point which will highlight by i color. Colors can be used to visually separate the  variables within any data type. 

For example, if you select Weapon as the data type to apply the color setting to on the Hunt Summary Screen, the Hunts that appear on the screen will be color separated by the different types of weapons allowed.  In screen image to left you can see the different types of Hunts available Deer Hunt Area 27 in the Demo state Regulations. Archery Hunts appear in yellow, Any Weapon appears in red, and Short Range Weapon appears in dark green. Not pictured in screen but also available are Muzzleloader hunts which appear in bright green.



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