Sportsman Regs Big Game

An iPhone Application for hunters that takes on the complex world of hunting regulations

Issaquah, Wash. — Aug 19, 2011 — Sportsman Regs announces the immediate availability of their debut mobile application Sportsman Regs Big Game.  The application is designed to put hunting regulations and boundary maps at the hunter’s fingertips. Using the latest in technology, Sportsman Regs Big Game combines three key innovations:

“As a hunter, you no longer have to read through complex tables and charts in the regs book.  Simply select a location on the map and see everything you need to plan or go on a hunt.” said Rick Ward, founder and lead developer at Sportsman Regs.  “Great for planning a hunt or as a reference while in the field, our mobile application gives the hunter all of the maps and regulations they need” Ward said. The Sportsman Regs Big Game application provides all of the important and relevant regulation information including:

See the State hunting boundaries on your iphone or iPad.

In addition, Sportsman Regs Big Game brings state hunting boundaries to a phone or tablet device. With the application, hunters are now able to:

Ward points out, “Hunters can see in real time where they are in the field and know what the rules are for that area. Our application is the first of its kind to provide this type of capability to the hunter.”

Available now for the iphone and iPad

The first version of the product is available on the Apple App Store and works on both the iPhone and iPad. The company plans to ship an Android version of the application by the end of 2011. “We started with the iPhone because of its popularity and rich platform which enabled us to build the kind of functionality we envisioned” said Ward.

Since then Android has also risen in popularity and many customers have been asking for an Android version. Building an Android application is the company's current development priority. “We think Android will now support all of the critical functionality. We have our developers working full time on completing the [Android] app.” Ward said.

State Content Currently Available

Currently, the application provides state regulations for:

The company does plan to release content for all 50 states as quickly as possible. Additional states will be available by the end of the year including:

The application is free to download and each state regulation database cost $9.99.  Sportsman sells the content through what Apple refers to as an “in app purchase.” Hunters who have an iTunes account can simply download their state content from the “Regs Store” inside the application. “We wanted hunters to be able to test drive the application before purchasing their own state data.” said Scott Gordon, Founder and the person overseeing Marketing and Content Development for Sportsman Regs.  The application ships with demo regulation database which is based on the Idaho Big Game regulations. By shipping the demo data, hunters can play with application and see how it works before buying their own state content.

Early Customer Reaction is Very Positive

The company has been very pleased with customer reaction to the application.  Scott Gordon said, “Early customer feedback has been very positive. It is quite exciting to see a hunter’s eyes light up when they see the application for the first time. There is really nothing like it on the market today.”  The challenge for the small startup company is getting the word out to hunters. Yet, already the application has been downloaded by over 2000 people. “Our focus is on making more content available to more hunters and supporting more devices like Android as quickly as possible. We want to make this cool new technology available to more and more of our customers.”  Gordon admitted.

About Sportsman Regs LLC

Founded in 2010 Sportsman Regs LLC is a pioneer in developing mobile applications that provide the hunter with the information and understanding they need to plan and go hunting. Sportsman Regs has developed expertise and innovative technology combining the Apple mobile Platform and GIS mapping technology with a combined 50 years of development experience and a passion for hunting and fishing. This combination has resulted in a first of its kind application that will help a hunter comply with the regulations. Sportsman Regs LLC is a registered limited liability company registered in the state of Washington.

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